I am teaching the following courses at Zhejiang University:

  • Foundations of mathematical logic (0421202001)
    Introduction to elementary set theory, formal propositional languages and grammars, truth tables, natural deduction, proof normalization, formal first-order languages and grammars, first-order semantics, soundness and completeness, compactness and Löwenheim-Skolem, quantifier elimination, prenex normal forms, Herbrand's theorem, the theory of recursive functions, Peano arithmetic, and Gödel’s incompleteness results.
    Graduate-level course, Spring/Summer term, Philosophy, 48 hours, 16 weeks

  • Philosophical Logic
    Philosophical introduction to the basic concepts of logic and non-classical logic
    Undergraduate-level course, Winter
    term, Philosophy, 32 hours, 12 weeks

  • LaTeX in academic writing
    Introduction to the basics of LaTeX such as setting up LaTeX documents, typesetting mathematical equations, using LaTeX packages and more.
    Graduate-level course, Fall term, Philosophy, 32 hours, 12 weeks