Here you should find a complete list of my publications, work in progress, and drafts.

Peer-reviewed papers

  • Propositions as intentions [PDF | Link]
    Studies, online first

  • On different ways of being equal [PDF | Link]
    Erkenntnis, 87(4), pp.1809–1830, 2022

  • Naive cubical type theory [PDF | Link]
    Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, 31, pp. 1205–1231, 2021

  • Sense, reference, and computation [PDF | Link]
    Perspectiva Filosofica, 47(2), pp.179203, 2020

  • What types should not be [PDF | Link]
    Philosophia Mathematica, 28(1), pp.60–76, 2020

  • Frege on referentiality and Julius Caesar in Grundgesetze §10 [PDF | Link]
    Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic, 60(4), pp.617–637, 2019

Book chapters

  • A Henkin-style completeness proof for the modal logic S5 [Link | Extended version]
    Logic and Argumentation: Fourth International Conference, CLAR 2021, Hangzhou, China, October 20–22
    P. Baroni, C. Benzmüller, Y. N. Wáng (Eds.), pp. 459467, 2021.

  • Revisiting Grundgesetze: How wrong was Frege? [Link]
    Pensar o problema: Meta-Fı́sica, Matemática, Linguagem e Intenção
    G. F. de Arruda Júnior and J. M. de Luna (Eds.). Porto Alegre: Ed. Fi, 2019, pp. 87–108
    ISBN: 978-85-5696-712-4

  • 'Substanzbegriff und Funkionsbegriff' de Ernst Cassirer (with Fernando Raul Neto) [Link]
    Investigaciones Kantianas. Homenaje a Juan Bonaccini
    F. Raul Neto and H. Pringe (eds.). 1ed. Recife: Ed. UFPE, 2018, pp. 61–106
    ISBN: 978-85-415-1048-6

Selected work in progress

  • Frege's theory of types [Preprint of early draft]
    Under review

  • Brouwer’s intuition of twoity and constructions in separable mathematics
    Under review

  • Intuition and construction in mathematical constructivism
    Under review

  • The analytic and synthetic distinction in constructive semantics
    Under review


  • Constructive mathematics and equality [PDF]
    Doctor of Philosophy in Logic, 2018
    Sun Yat-sen University

  • Value-ranges, Julius Caesar and Indeterminacy [PDF]
    Master of Arts in Philosophy, 2014
    Federal University of Pernambuco