This is a list of some of my recent invited and contributed talks:

Contributed talks

  • Can propositions be intentions, intuitionistically? [schedule]
    Logic Colloquium, June 30, 2022
    Reykjavik, Iceland (online)

  • Against the propositions-as-intentions interpretation
    Australasian Logic Conference, June 24, 2022

  • A Henkin-style completeness proof for the modal logic S5 [abstract]
    CLAR 2021, Oct 20-22, 2021
    Hangzhou, China (online)

  • How do we intuit mathematical constructions? [abstract | slides]
    Logic Colloquium 2021, Jul 19-24, 2021
    Poznań, Poland (online)

  • Informal cubical type theory [abstract | slides]
    The International Conference on Homotopy Type Theory, Aug 12-17, 2019
    Pittsburgh, USA

  • A Formalization of a Henkin-style Completeness Proof for Propositional Modal Logic in Lean [slides]
    Lean Together 2019, January 7-11, 2019
    Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • A solution to Frege's puzzle in homotopy type theory [abstract]
    Logic Colloquium, Aug 14-20, 2017
    Stockholm, Sweden

  • Frege's puzzle and homotopy type theory [abstract]
    15th Asian Logic Conference, Jul 10-14, 2017
    Daejeon, South Korea

  • Applications of homotopy type theory to Frege's puzzle [slides]
    Chinese Mathematical Conference, May 19-22, 2017
    Beijing, China

  • A homotopy type-theoretic solution to Frege’s puzzle
    Workshop on the Intersection between Logic, Mathematics, and Philosophy, Nov 4-5, 2016
    Zhuhai, China

  • What is not Frege's Julius Caesar Problem? [abstract]
    4th World Congress on Universal Logic, Apr 3-7, 2013
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Frege versus Júlio César: Uma disputa necessária? [abstract]
    15th ANPOF national meeting, Oct 22-26, 2012
    Curitiba, Brazil

    Invited talks

  • What went wrong with Frege's theory of types? [slides]
    Logicians in Quarantine, Mar 11, 2021
    Niteroi, Brazil (online)

  • Frege's anticipation of simple type theory [slides]
    OCIE HPML Group Seminars, Sep 22, 2020
    Orange County–Inland Empire, USA (online)

  • Perspectives on the foundations of type theory [abstract]
    Zhejiang University, Xixi Logic Seminars, Aug 7, 2020
    Hangzhou, China (online)

  • Logic and type theory, equality and proof
    Fudan University, Department of Philosophy, Oct 9-13, 2017
    Shanghai, China

  • On different ways of being the same: a constructive approach to Frege's puzzle [abstract]
    Lingnan University, Philosophy Seminar Series, Mar 27, 2017
    Tuen Mun, Hong Kong