Best Logic Journals

This page serves as a guide for graduate students to some of the top specialist journals in logic. The journals are ranked by their SJR indicator, a metric that takes into consideration the number of citations a journal receives, as well as the prestige of the journals from which the citations originate. The list below, which is based on the 2022 metric, puts together some logic journals from three main subject areas (Mathematics, Arts and Humanities, and Computer Science) and from the main categories in them (Logic, Philosophy, History and Philosophy of Science, Theoretical Computer Science, Software). It is important to note that the SJR indicator is not definitive or conclusive in determining the superiority of one journal over another. The main purpose of this list is just to give graduate students a sense of what the most significant specialist journals in the field are. The number that follows a journal name is its SJR indicator:

Journal of Philosophical Logic, 0.980

Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 0.918

Journal of Mathematical Logic, 0.918

Philosophia Mathematica, 0.864

Journal of Symbolic Logic, 0.742

Archive for Mathematical Logic, 0.692

Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic, 0.617

Dialectica (OA), 0.610

Mathematical Logic Quarterly, 0.608

Journal of Logic and Computation, 0.561

Review of Symbolic Logic, 0.557

Studia Logica, 0.532

Journal of Logic, Language and Information, 0.532

Logic and Logical Philosophy (OA), 0.513

Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, 0.505

Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics, 0.421

Logic Journal of the IGPL, 0.411

IfCoLog Journal of Logics and their Applications (OA), 0.353

Bulletin of the Section of Logic (OA), 0.273

History and Philosophy of Logic, 0.255

Logica Universalis, 0.231

Manuscrito (OA), 0.195

Logique et Analyse, 0.145

The Australasian Journal of Logic (OA), not yet indexed

South American Journal of Logic (OA), not yet indexed

Logics, not yet indexed

It is worth noting that some of the most outstanding research in the field of international logic can also often be found in generalist philosophy journals such as Analysis, Erkenntnis, Synthese, Theoria, and others. I recommend checking the famous list of best "general" philosophy journals on Leiter Reports and the list of best philosophy journals by Mark Colyvan for an indicator of what the most respected journals are.

The Crowdsourced Guide for Authors

One efficient way to obtain general information about all these specialist and generalist journals is the following crowdsourced guide for authors. This document, initiated by Gabriele Contessa, contains useful information such as word limit, models of peer review (single-blind, double-blind, or triple-blind), links to author guidelines and submission pages, open access availability and more. Please note that some information there may be outdated.

The APA Journal Survey Project

One of the best resources for checking journal turnaround times is the APA Journal Survey Project. This is a great resource for checking the average wait time of a certain journal and its overall acceptance rate, the quality of the reviewer's comments, and overall experience with editors. But note that the total number of surveys for some journals is too low for it to reflect any accurate data (especially for logic journals). Please submit your own surveys to improve the data!